What is Google?


Google is an internet search engine that is widely used for internet searches. The company is based in California and was founded in 1998. By the end of that year, there were more than 200 million users of Google’s services. By 2011, it processed three billion searches every day. By 2011, Google’s name was already becoming a verb.

The company’s goal is to make information easily accessible and organized. They use proprietary algorithms to achieve this. Google is one of the most popular search engines, handling over 70 percent of the world’s search requests. It is an Internet technology giant, with headquarters in Mountain View, California. In addition to providing search results, Google is also a popular social media platform, including YouTube.

Google has also developed a number of software applications. The free Google Sheets software allows users to create and edit spreadsheets and open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Google also has a digital assistant called Google Assistant that responds to voice requests. Other notable services include Google Books and Google Shopping, which allow users to search for items according to price, type, and more. In addition, Google offers Google Slides, a presentation tool similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Google also offers Google Street View, which lets you drive through cities around the world.

Google has also made a number of changes to its services and features over the years. For example, Google Helpouts, a service that allowed users to share knowledge with other users, closed on April 20, 2015. Similarly, Google Labs, a section of Google dedicated to showcasing upcoming features, was discontinued in June 2015. Google Moderator was an online tool that gathered user input.

The company reorganized and became a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., which was incorporated in 1998. The core business of Google remained in search, the mobile operating system Android, and the video sharing site YouTube. The other ventures of Google were made independent firms under Alphabet. Schmidt became executive chairman of Alphabet, while Page became CEO of Google. The company reorganized again in 2017 and converted Google to a limited liability company.

In the early years, Google’s founders worked on digital book projects at Stanford University. Their vision was to create searchable books that were accessible to everyone. In 2004, the company announced the “Google Print” project, which involved scanning public-domain books from libraries. The resulting digital files were fully searchable, downloadable, and printable. However, works protected by copyright were presented in fragmented, “snippet” form.

Google’s data centres are spread across the world. Each contains several hundred thousand servers. The company maintains a community of developers that is active on the web. These users are kept informed about upcoming events and content, and can also network with Google experts.

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