Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company. Its products include personal computers, computer software, and related services. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It has approximately 250,000 employees worldwide. Its products are used to create software and hardware for a wide range of applications. Microsoft also develops and sells consumer electronics.

Microsoft has long been associated with computer software. Its products range from operating systems to games. In 2001, Microsoft launched the Xbox gaming console. It aimed to compete directly with the Nintendo GameCube. The Xbox 360 followed in 2005, and was succeeded by the Xbox One in November 2013. The Surface line of hybrid tablet computers is another successful product from Microsoft. These devices bundle hardware with Windows operating system. Microsoft introduced Surface tablet computers in 2012, and the company has released several models since. Microsoft also entered the public cloud computing market in 2008 with the Windows Azure platform, which was aimed at competing with Amazon’s web services.

The company was originally a hardware supplier, but when personal computers became popular, the company began to shift its focus to software and consumer sales. This change in focus saw Microsoft become the first software company to generate $1 Billion in revenues. This allowed the company to capture a larger share of the worldwide PC market. Microsoft is now one of the most well-known companies in the world, and its products range from consumer products to business applications.

Microsoft’s business strategy is sometimes described as “embrace, extend, and extinguish.” By adding its proprietary capabilities to widely used standards, Microsoft tries to gain a competitive edge over its competitors. As a result, Microsoft is often accused of anti-competitive practices and abuse of monopolistic power. The company’s monopolistic position leads users to become dependent on its products and services, which leads to a situation known as vendor lock-in.

Microsoft is a global company that employs nearly 122,000 people worldwide. Current employees can purchase Microsoft Office for $10 for as long as they work for the company. Microsoft also offers a free online version of its Office applications, which are available on any computer with Internet access. These programs are also compatible with mobile devices and web apps.

Microsoft also acquired Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 in an attempt to compete with Google’s Voice and Apple Facetime. Microsoft plans to integrate Skype into its products. The company has also recently entered the cloud computing market with the launch of its Windows Azure platform. This platform allows consumers to build computing infrastructure on a “cloud” and provides it to other users. Another example of Microsoft’s involvement in cloud computing is Office 365, its cloud version of the popular Office business software suite.

The Microsoft Office suite is comprised of applications that support various productivity needs on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. The suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and is used to create and edit documents. Microsoft Access provides tools for database management, while Microsoft OneNote is used for free-form note-taking.

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