The Basics of Linux


During the mid-1990s, a new type of operating system – called Linux – emerged. It was created by a community of open source software developers and programmers, based on an underlying kernel. The kernel has rules and procedures that govern the interaction between underlying hardware and the operating system. These rules include preventing processes from manipulating virtual memory addresses, and also keeping track of the used memory in the system.

Linux is available for free and can be used by anyone. It also provides different types of security options. This open-source software is maintained by multiple teams that work together to enhance its capabilities. It is used in computers, televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones, watches, thermostats, and more. In addition, it is used in server applications. It has been used in one third of all webpages on the internet.

There are many distributions of Linux. Each of them uses a different way of distributing software. The choice of distribution depends on the type of software you need and the desktop you want to run. There are also special business versions available that contain tools for simplifying administrative tasks. These versions often include proprietary support packages. Some companies, like Canonical and Red Hat, offer free support. Other companies, like SUSE, offer paid support.

Unlike Windows and Mac, Linux is open-source. The source code of the kernel is freely available, and you can view, edit, and contribute to it. Linux also provides many customization options. You can use it as a desktop, or run it from the command line. If you are not a pro user, you might prefer one of the distributions designed for beginners, such as Deepin or Linux Mint. If you are a pro user, you might prefer the distributions of Fedora or Debian.

The Linux kernel contains several modules. Each module provides a different set of system calls, or instructions pengeluaran hk that a program can use to access the kernel. The kernel also includes an assembly language, which is used by programmers to write programs. It is important for programs to know how to place system calls so that they can request the kernel to do certain tasks.

The kernel provides system services, including managing communications between devices. It also provides protection against attacks and virus infections. Linux is one of the most reliable operating systems available, with millions of users worldwide. It is used to power most of the world’s servers, supercomputers, and mobile phones. It is also used in many other applications, from web browsers to rocket science. Linux can be installed on just about any hardware platform. It is highly customizable, and can be used with a variety of programming languages.

Most Linux distributions include an application store, which allows users to download applications for use in the system. Some distributions focus on playing games, while others are designed for multimedia production. Some also offer free support and paid support. You should consult a professional to determine which distribution is right for you.

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