A Brief Introduction to Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest software companies. It is the leading producer of computer software, operating systems and cloud computing services. Aside from these core products, it also develops other software and hardware.

It is known for producing the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems. In addition, it is the leading manufacturer of the Office software suite and its Internet Explorer web browser. The company has also diversified into the gaming industry and mobile phones. However, it is facing stiff competition in these markets.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Initially, the company was a developer of BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800 microcomputer. These products were a big break for the company. They provided the basis for its success and inspired it to diversify into the software and hardware fields.

Microsoft’s main research and development center is located in Redmond, Washington. Other research and development facilities are located in Cambridge, England, Beijing, Bermuda, and Bengaluru, India. Microsoft produces a wide range of software and hardware, including the Xbox video game console. This company has offices in more than 60 countries.

Since its founding, Microsoft has become the biggest software and computer technology company in the world. Although it has been under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for alleged anticompetitive practices, Microsoft remains a major player in the technology market.

Its primary focus is the production of software and cloud computing services. Microsoft has also recently entered the tablet computer market. Microsoft’s Surface tablet computers first appeared in 2012. As of September 2015, Microsoft has sold more than 1.3 billion Surface devices worldwide.

Microsoft is best known for its Office software, Internet Explorer and the Windows line of operating systems. It is also a leader in the production of hardware such as the Xbox and Hololens.

The company’s latest release, Windows 8, included major changes to the OS platform. Several of the improvements made to Windows 8 were aimed at enhancing the tablet experience. Additionally, Microsoft released the Xbox One in November 2013. Users can now run applications in the public cloud with Azure.

While Microsoft remains a leading software and hardware producer, it is facing a number of challenges in the current market. Some of these challenges include the European Union’s fine on Microsoft of EUR497.2 million, a ruling that has rescinded the breakup order that had been issued by a judge in 2006. The European Union also imposed a record fine of EUR497.2 million on Microsoft for its infringement of antitrust laws.

In the 1980s, Microsoft dominated the personal computer operating system (PC OS) market. MS-DOS was the primary Microsoft product, but the company later developed Windows, which is the most widely used PC OS in the world.

During the 1990s, Microsoft focused on consumer sales. This shift resulted in Microsoft gaining a larger share of the PC market. At the same time, Microsoft increased its competitiveness by continually developing more robust and less expensive software.

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