What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft is an American multinational computer technology corporation. Its primary product line, the Windows operating system, is the most popular desktop software in the world. Microsoft also produces a number of other well-known software products such as Office and Internet Explorer, and it manufactures computer hardware such as keyboards and mice. In addition, the company’s offerings include software-as-a-service platforms and cloud services, and it owns or has an interest in several content distribution channels such as the MSNBC television network and the Encarta electronic encyclopedia.

The company’s current chief executive is Satya Nadella, who took the helm in 2014 after the resignation of longtime CEO Steve Ballmer. Under Nadella, the company has revitalized its culture of innovation and renewed its commitment to growth through acquisitions. The company’s focus on innovation has also manifested itself in its new versions of the Windows operating system, which have introduced a number of significant changes such as a start screen that displays applications in tiles instead of in the traditional folders and a voice-controlled digital assistant called Cortana, which competes with Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s voice communication service.

As of the end of 2019, Microsoft is the third most valuable publicly traded company in the United States, with a market value of over $1 trillion. This makes it the most valuable public corporation in the world, behind only Apple and Amazon. Despite its enormous market value, the company has faced criticism for its monopolistic practices and problems with ease of use and robustness of its software.

Since its founding, Microsoft has expanded significantly through acquisitions. The most prominent of these was the $8.5 billion purchase of the video-chat service Skype in 2011, which added functionality to Windows computers, Xbox gaming consoles, and Outlook email. In addition, the company has made numerous smaller acquisitions of startups that have been at the forefront of technological innovations, such as virtual reality and mobile apps.

The main products of microsoft are operating systems, productivity software, and the Azure cloud computing platform. These are used by businesses to enhance security, improve collaboration, and streamline device management and deployment. In addition, the company’s suite of business tools includes email, instant messaging, and cloud storage. IT companies can access these tools through a single portal, the Microsoft Business Center, which provides an intuitive interface for managing licensing, billing, and reporting on all purchases made under an MPSA.

In order to maximize the benefits of these Microsoft products, organizations should partner with an experienced team that can provide training and change management support. This can ensure the company’s employees are using the tools in a way that is best for them and that they get the most out of the features available. A partner can help the organization determine which tools are the best fit for their use cases and can implement a change management program to drive adoption and maximize productivity. For example, they can train employees on the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and help them adopt the right behaviors to make the most of their capabilities.

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