What is Google?

Google handles billions of searches each day and is one of the most powerful companies in the world. It has branched out into many other areas, including Internet services and mobile devices, and is considered a top-four company in the high-tech industry along with IBM, Apple and Microsoft.

Its original search engine is still the heart of the business, but today it offers a full suite of Internet tools and products, including email, maps and social networking. It also produces hardware such as Android smartphones and Chromebook laptops. And its software includes a variety of productivity tools and web applications, as well as the cloud storage service Google Drive.

The company is based in Mountain View, California, although it has offices around the globe. It has thousands of employees, and it operates data centers in many different countries.

Although Google’s success has come from many sources, the founders were the key players in making it work. Sergey Brin and Larry Page developed the algorithm that makes it so effective. They began working on it in 1999 while they were students at Stanford University. It took them about two years to complete the product they had in mind.

When they finished, they knew they had something special. They tested it out on the Internet and got astounding results. They decided to call the service BackRub, but later changed it to Google, which is pronounced googol. The name is a play on the mathematical term that refers to a number with 100 zeros.

Besides searching the Web, Google offers a wide range of other online services, such as Gmail, Maps and Docs. Its Android mobile phones and tablets are popular with consumers, as is its Chrome browser for desktop computers. In addition, it offers a variety of other physical products, such as the Pixel smartphone line, the Chromecast in-home streaming device and the Nest smart home system.

Aside from its web-based products, Google has an extensive advertising network that connects with users on a massive scale. In addition to search advertising, it also offers ad placements on YouTube and other websites. Its advertising platform is so large that it can help you find information on almost any topic.

There are also many other aspects of the Google brand that you might not be aware of. For example, the company has a team of quality control experts that works to ensure all content is appropriate and relevant to searches. It also has a number of tools to prevent fraudulent activity and protect the privacy of its users. Lastly, it has a program called Google Green Light that uses a vehicle’s GPS to monitor traffic patterns and recommend changes at intersections to reduce wait times and congestion. It’s one of the ways that Google helps make the world a better place through its technology.

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