What is Google?


Google is an Internet search engine that processes billions of searches every day. It is a multinational technology company that also has a variety of other products and services, including online advertising technologies, cloud computing software and hardware, and mobile operating systems. It is so dominant in the world of online search that its name has become a verb, with people referring to doing a search on Google as “googling.”

Sergey Brin and Larry Page launched Google as a research project while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in 1996. The founders created a search engine algorithm that prioritized Web pages based on how many other Web pages linked to them, rather than the content or keywords. This improved the relevance of search results and quickly gained Google a large share of the Web search market.

The company’s success has made it one of the most valuable businesses in the world. Google is a privately held corporation that has several divisions and subsidiaries, including Google Chrome (web browser), Android OS for mobile devices, G Suite (cloud-based office software), YouTube, and the Google Maps service. Its product portfolio also includes the Google Duo video-calling service, Google Chromecast streaming media device, and Google Fiber broadband Internet service.

Other Google products and services include the Google News service that provides a centralized source of great news, Google Calendar, and Google Sheets — a spreadsheet program similar to Microsoft Excel. Google Translate is a useful tool that translates foreign-language web pages and texts into your own language. Google Earth is a fantastic software program that lets you view the surface of the planet and see photos and pictures of locations around the world.

In 2015, Google reorganized into the holding company Alphabet Inc., with Internet search and advertising as its core business. Other ventures such as longevity research company Calico, home-products company Nest, and the Google X research lab were spun off into separate companies. Former Google CEO Sergey Brin became the chairman of Alphabet, while Sundar Pichai was named chief executive officer of Google.

The name of Google was chosen by its founders to reflect a googol, which is a number with 100 zeros after it. The founders liked the idea of a big number, and the fact that it was a made-up word made it more appealing as a brand name. The company’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” As of 2018, the company has an estimated worth of USD 820 billion. The company has more than 70,000 employees. Its headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. It has a diverse workforce of people from all walks of life, including women, minorities, and veterans. Its culture promotes innovation, transparency, and ethical behavior. It also has a robust internship and mentoring program. These programs help the company attract and retain top talent. The company has been ranked as one of the best places to work in America by Fortune Magazine and Working Mother.

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