What is Google?


Google is the most popular search engine in the world and a leading company in many other areas. It is a technology and Internet company that uses cloud computing, advertising, artificial intelligence (AI) and hardware to develop its services.

It started in 1995 when founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine called “backrub” while students at Stanford University. It soon became a major force in the development of the internet and is now synonymous with using a search engine.

In 2011, it was estimated that Google handled three billion searches per day, making it one of the most used sites in the world and the company’s name is so widely known that the term “googling” has entered the lexicon as a common word to describe a search on the internet.

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is a technology and Internet company that uses a cloud-based infrastructure to develop its services. Its products include the Google search engine, Chrome web browser, Android mobile operating system, Maps navigation app and Gmail email service.

Alphabet, the holding company that owns Google, reorganized its business in August 2015, creating separate businesses for internet search, advertising, apps and maps, as well as the mobile operating system Android and video-sharing site YouTube. In 2017, the company again reorganized, forming an intermediate holding company and converting Google into a limited liability company.

The main purpose of this reorganization was to create a more unified business for all Google’s companies. It allowed Alphabet to manage its subsidiaries more effectively and made it easier for the company to integrate new acquisitions into the overall business strategy.

Since its founding, Google has expanded beyond its original focus on search to provide a wide range of tools for users. These include the ad network Google AdSense, web browser Chrome, and its mobile operating system, Android.

Google also offers a number of free and commercial software applications such as the e-book reader Google Books, the spreadsheet program Google Sheets, the presentation program Google Slides, and the mapping tool Google Earth.

In addition, the company has created a number of other consumer services, including Google Music, which is the world’s largest music streaming service; Google Fiber, which provides high-speed fibre optic internet to around 3.1 million customers in the United States; and Waymo, a venture into self-driving cars.

It has also been responsible for a number of patents, most notably its patented PageRank algorithm that ranked pages based on their content and links to other web pages. The technology is now widely used in other companies as well, especially in the context of online advertising and marketing.

As a company, Google is committed to being ethical and responsible. This is reflected in its efforts to ensure that the information it collects from its users is not misused or used for illegal purposes, as well as its efforts to keep the user’s data safe and secure.

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