What Is Google?


Google is a worldwide Internet search engine. It offers a variety of services, including its own Web browser, Google Chrome. The company has also branched out into hardware and software. These include mobile phone applications, cloud computing, and other services.

One of the most popular products from Google is the Google Maps app. This allows users to search for directions and find local businesses. Other services include Google Drive, which allows users to store, edit, and view files online.

In 2007, Google launched Android, a software platform that lets users run apps on their mobile phones. Since then, the company has added many additional products. Some of these include Gmail, Google Earth, and Google Chrome.

Google’s flagship product is its search engine, which handles about 70 percent of all online searches. While it has expanded into advertising and other businesses, the search engine remains one of the most widely used services in the world.

Google’s primary goal is to organize information from around the world. Google claims that it can do this by using its own algorithms. However, other companies have claimed that the search giant is abusing its monopoly position. There are also concerns over privacy and the use of other people’s intellectual property.

Google has several offices throughout the world. For instance, the company has 9 locations in California. Others are located in the United States and Latin America. Another major office is in New York City. In addition, there are data centers in the Asia Pacific and Africa Middle East regions.

Google’s headquarters are in Mountain View, California. Several shuttle buses transport employees from other cities to the company’s office in Silicon Valley. A large advertising sales team is also located in this office.

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford University. They started receiving outside financing in mid-1998. Eventually, they formed Alphabet, their parent company. When Brin and Page were ready to raise more capital, they chose a public offering. During the IPO, Google raised more than $1.66 billion and made seven billionaires.

Google has become one of the most influential technology companies. Its position as the most used search engine has also generated concerns about the flow of information on the Internet.

Founded by Brin and Page, Google was a client search engine for Yahoo! and was one of the first Internet-based companies to receive funding. At the time of the IPO, it handled about 500,000 queries per day.

In 2005, the company introduced Google Maps. Users can get maps and directions for almost anywhere on the planet. As of 2011, Google was handling three billion searches per day.

Google also has a suite of digital assistants. Using artificial intelligence, the Google Assistant helps users with voice requests. Also, the Google Calendar is a tool that allows users to synchronize events.

Although Google has been criticized for its privacy concerns and energy consumption of servers, the search engine is still the most used in the world. In fact, its market capitalization in 2012 was among the largest in the United States without the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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