What is Google?


Google is one of the top four most influential high tech companies in the world. It is a search engine and cloud computing company. The company is also the largest email provider, and has branched out to provide mobile phone software, hardware and a range of Internet services.

The company’s main products are its search engine, its mapping application, its cloud computing service and its mobile operating system, Android. But the company has also branched into other industries such as hardware, software and artificial intelligence.

For example, the company owns several data centres worldwide, with about eleven million interlinked computers. These computers are used to store, organize and analyze information. This information is then processed in the company’s proprietary algorithm.

Google’s most popular services are its search engine, its mapping application and its email service. In addition, the company offers its users a wide variety of other internet applications, such as its augmented reality glasses, its video sharing platform, its image recognition technology and its voice activated digital assistant.

The company’s IPO was in 2004. At the time, Google was still a small firm. It was incorporated under the name Alphabet and was led by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Alphabet was spun off from Google in 2006. As a part of Alphabet, Google became a subsidiary of the company.

Google has been criticized for its treatment of online information and privacy. In particular, the company has been accused of violating the privacy rights of its users, and its use of other people’s intellectual property. There have been lawsuits involving groups of publishers and authors, who claim that the company has violated copyright laws. Ultimately, the company settled with its authors, agreeing to pay $125 million and to keep certain information private.

Google has been a target of criticism for its management of Internet traffic and energy consumption. While the company is based in Mountain View, California, it has offices in many countries. Some of the offices are located in North America and the United States, and others are in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

While the search engine remains the company’s core business, it has expanded into advertising. Today, the company is able to target millions of keywords and phrases in its ads, making it possible for advertisers to reach their target audiences.

Other Google services include Google Drive, an online storage service, Google Calendar, an event-sharing service, Google Maps, a search engine for maps and directions, and Google Keep, a note-keeping service.

Another service is Google Shopping, which allows the user to browse for products by type. Previously known as Froogle, this service allows the user to search for products by price, brand and even location.

Since its IPO, Google has become one of the most powerful and well-known brands in the world. Currently, the company is ranked second on the list of most valuable brands. Despite this, it has faced significant controversy.

One of the main criticisms of Google is that it has a major monopoly on the Internet, particularly in the area of online advertising. Google has faced accusations of antitrust and abuse of its monopoly position.

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