What is Google?


Google is an American multinational technology company focusing on search engine technology, online advertising, and computer software. It also makes many consumer electronics and cloud services. It has many different branches of business, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, quantum computing, and quantum computing. In the past, Google has been known as a search engine, but its services have now spread beyond search.

The company began as a side project of two Stanford University Ph.D. students, and eventually grew to be one of the world’s most popular websites. Initially, the company was primarily focused on providing search results that were relevant and useful. Its search algorithm would rank pages according to the number of links pointing to them. This allowed Google to return more relevant results. Page and Brin patented this algorithm, which they subsequently named PageRank. Throughout the 1990s, Google’s search algorithm has evolved, and the company now ranks web pages based on a variety of variables.

Google offers many services, including Google Analytics, which helps you track website traffic and develop scalable web applications. It also offers Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that responds to your voice commands. Google Books is another popular service, and Google Calendar, which lets you synchronize, share, and organize your schedule. Google also has its own web browser, Google Chrome.

Google is a leading multinational technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California. It is a leader in search engine technology, and is responsible for 70 percent of all online search requests worldwide. Google also focuses on cloud computing and productivity applications. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. Today, it is part of Alphabet, an organization with a diversified portfolio of businesses and products.

The company’s founders first dreamed of a world in which books could be easily searched and retrieved. To realize their vision, Google announced a project called Google Print in 2004 that involved scanning public-domain books from libraries and converting them into portable document files. These files were fully searchable, downloadable, and printable. The project included works protected by copyright, which appeared in fragmented “snippet” form.

In 2015, the company reorganized into a holding company, Alphabet. Google remains the leading subsidiary of Alphabet, with mobile operating system Android, video-sharing site YouTube and search services. The two founders remained on the board, and Pichai became the new CEO. Schmidt stepped down from his position as executive chairman, but he remained on the board.

Google began as a search company, but it has since expanded its services to include more than 50 Internet services. It has even ventured into mobile phone software through its acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2012. Today, it is one of the world’s most influential high-tech companies. The company’s original search engine is still at the heart of its success, though, and it’s the source of almost all of its revenue.

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