What is Google?


Google is a company in the United States focusing on search engine technology. It also focuses on computer software, consumer electronics, quantum computing, and e-commerce. It is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Google has over 2,000 employees working in over 210 offices worldwide. Founded in 1998, the company has a long history of innovation. Today, it boasts more than 1 billion users and is one of the most widely used search engines.

Google has been developing a number of services for businesspeople, including Gmail and its Chrome browser. Users can also use Google Home to interact with their digital assistant. Other products include Google Keep, a note-keeping service, and Google Lens, which uses image recognition technology to display information about objects in front of the user. Other applications of Google include Gmail and Google Maps, which are essential for locating places and businesses in the world. The company recently introduced Google Meet, a new social networking platform that replaces Hangouts.

In 1998, Google filed incorporation papers in California. Sergey Page and Larry Page had been working on a search engine called BackRub for Stanford University’s servers. They received a $100,000 investment check and set up their office in a garage in Menlo Park. The two men chose the name Google after they were inspired by a mathematical term. Google was named after a task: to find information. Using the search box on the website, users can search for anything from maps to sports scores.

The rapid growth of the company led to internal management problems. Many investors felt that Brin and Page needed an experienced manager to oversee the company’s expansion. As a result, Eric Schmidt was hired as the company’s chairman and CEO in 2001. Schmidt’s background in computer science made him a natural fit. While Page and Brin continued to serve as executives in other departments, Schmidt became executive chairman and Brin became the director of special projects.

While Google may be known for its search engine, the company has also ventured into hardware, cloud computing, and software. The company also created its own smartphone, called the Pixel, and has a cloud unit called the Google Cloud. Google Cloud contains productivity applications. Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Its mission is to make the Internet better for everyone. So, whether you’re a casual or an expert in search engine optimization, the company has a service for you.

Google’s expansion was fueled by the success of keyword-based Web advertising. Its efforts continued to expand into new domains, such as video. In 2005, it launched Google Video, allowing users to search for closed captions on television broadcasts. In 2006, Google started accepting user-submitted videos. It also offered premium content from traditional media companies. In 2007 it started offering some of its premium content for free via ads. The company has continued to innovate and is now the world’s largest media site.

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