What Is a Website?


Usually, a website is a collection of web pages that are publicly accessible. The website may be maintained by a company, group or individual. It may be an e-commerce website that allows customers to buy products online. It may also be a social networking site or a blog. The web page may contain text, audio, photos, animations and video.

Websites are typically dedicated to a specific topic or purpose. There are several different types of websites, including e-commerce sites, porn sites and political sites. Usually, websites include a home page, a navigation bar and a footer. The footer is usually located at the bottom of the page and contains links to other external websites. The footer also contains important information.

A website is typically made by a company or individual to promote its product or services. It may also be created for free by a group or nonprofit organization. These websites usually consist of informational content, though some of them are also fan-made. Some are even fan sites for celebrities.

Websites are created using a program called HTML code. This code is stored on a computer somewhere, and is used to create and display the website. A website is a set of web pages that are connected through hyperlinks. A navigation bar is also displayed on every page. The navigation bar allows the user to move quickly through the structure of the website.

A website can include a blog, a forum, a social networking site or an e-commerce site. E-commerce websites feature a product catalog and online help. They also let the customer select products and make an online order. These sites may also include an email address branded to the business.

A non-profit website is an informational site that usually belongs to a foundation, a government agency or a social institution. It can also be a political website that aims to promote a particular political view. It can also be a criticism website that is critical of a person or institution. These sites often feature an editorial section that allows users to post reviews of the content or a site.

A website is often associated with a domain name, which is a unique address on the Internet. This address is usually typed into a browser, and then the computer looks up the domain name to find the website. It may also include a search engine. The search engine indexes and shares the information on the internet, as well as provides links to the content. It may also include web applications and games.

An e-commerce website is a business website that offers a product catalog and enables the customer to buy products remotely. Some websites allow the customer to order products from a catalog, and then pay for them using a credit card. An e-commerce website may also feature a cash register.

A political site is a website that aims to inform people about politics. It may include information about the political candidates and their policies. It may also allow users to post questions and answers about political issues. Political websites can be local, national, or even global. These websites may also include information about political parties and the ideology that they hold.

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