The recent Microsoft document leak serves as an example for everyone, what companies shouldn’t do if they want to keep information secret, and what you should know about the information service providers collect and store about you.

A Chinese major general has called for a new national body to enforce Internet controls, while China faced fresh claims on Monday about the source of hacking attacks that hit search giant Google.

The entire SSD market has become fiercely competitive, threatening Intel’s place as market leader. Offerings from Crucial and others are now so fast that the SATA 3Gb interface is limiting speeds.

The California state senate passed on Thursday a bill aimed at recovering lost sales tax revenue from online retailers like Amazon and Overstock.

How to scrub a Btrfs filesystem

Unlike ZFS, the Linux Btrfs filesystem does not yet have a scrub command. However, there are ways to accomplish the same thing using simple shell scripting.

An Indian startup called Knowledge Quest Pvt. Ltd. has announced plans to port the ZFS filesystem to the Linux kernel, as a loadable kernel module.

Google may be preparing to released an unlocked Android smartphone in the near future. Is it going to change the entire mobile phone landscape, or is it just one more in a long line of Android handsets?

The FreeBSD developers have now merged Apples Grand Central Dispatch technology into the 8-STABLE branch.

App Engine Server Monitor

App Engine Server Monitor is a small Python application, built for monitoring web servers for my own projects and for clients, which provides notification of downtime through a variety of methods. I’m open sourcing the code so that others can make use of it.

Targeted for Fedora 13, a new feature based on the Btrfs filesystem will protect against operating system upgrades that malfunction or for some reason need to be rolled back