How Google Has Expanded Beyond the Search Engine

Founded in 1998, the Google corporation offers a variety of products and services to its users. One of its most popular offerings is its search engine. However, the company has expanded beyond the search engine to include online advertising. As the Internet continues to grow in popularity, the company has been able to incorporate new products and services into its core business. Listed below are some of the most recent additions to Google’s portfolio. Getting to know the history of Google and how it became so successful is essential for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends and innovations.


Google was able to achieve rapid growth by providing free and low-cost software and services. In 2001, the company’s revenues increased by more than five-fold. By 2010, the company had two billion users and handled three billion searches per day. Its name has become a verb. Many people refer to themselves as “to google” to find information on the Internet. In fact, Google’s name has become one of the most commonly used phrases for searching the web.

In order to maintain its market dominance, Google has faced various criticisms. These criticisms range from aggressive tax avoidance to censorship of search results. The company has also faced questions on its role in society, including copyright and privacy. Despite the positive publicity, the company’s dominance has also brought about issues around traditional business practices and energy consumption. In addition to its market dominance, Google has become the target of several lawsuits.

The company has grown beyond its core search engine. In addition to providing search engine services, it also offers email, calendar, and time management services. In addition to these, it offers video chat, instant messaging, language translation, and cloud storage. Besides these, Google offers podcast hosting, video sharing, YouTube, and blog publishing services. It’s truly impressive how much Google has accomplished since the founding days. But what is the company doing now? It’s still developing new products and services.

While the company started as a search engine, it has now expanded its services to include email, calendar and time management services. It also offers cloud storage and instant messaging services. Its latest services are Google Translate, Podcast, YouTube, and Gmail. This company’s business has grown beyond its core search engine to include email, chat services, and other services. While it may seem like a simple search engine, the company’s offerings have become more complex.

While Google is still best known for its search engine, the company has expanded into hardware as well. Its initial server was made of Lego. Its first “Doodle” was a stick figure that announced that its employees were playing hooky at the Burning Man Festival. This reflected its unconventional approach to building products and services. In 1996, it expanded into a full-fledged internet carrier. The company is still one of the most popular and successful companies in the world.

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