The European Parliament has tabled a joint resolution introduced by, among others, the European People’s Party, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, and the European Free Alliance. The new proposal calls for further Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement negotiations to be conducted in the open, with negotiating texts made available both to Parliament and to the public.

Quoting from the resolution:

(parliament) Expresses its concern over the lack of a transparent process in the conduct of the ACTA negotiations which contradicts the letter and the spirit of the TFEU; is deeply concerned that no legal base has been established before the start of the ACTA negotiations and that no parliamentary approval has been asked for the mandate;

The European Parliament also warns that if it is not kept up to date on the negotiation process, it reserves the right to bring a case before the Court of Justice.

The resolution also places some restrictions on the negotiating process to ensure it does not conflict with existing laws covering data privacy and freedom of expression, and “demands that no personal search is undertaken at the EU borders”. Also prohibited is “any so called “three strikes” procedures” that would disconnect internet users repeatedly accused of copyright infringement.

Voting on the resolution will take place Wednesday March 10th.