Targeted for Fedora 13, a new feature based on the Btrfs filesystem will protect against operating system upgrades that malfunction or for some reason need to be rolled back

Google held a press conference today to highlight some of the features of its new Chrome OS, due to launch sometime before Christmas 2010.

Internet service in the U.S. has become a non-competitive landscape of slow line speeds and lately, blatant abuse of power. We may need to start treating internet service like a regulated utility if it is to remain the open engine for innovation we’ve come to know and love

A common problem in the IT world, upgrades sometimes break things. However by combining some excellent tools together the problem can be solved entirely.

Linux, not GNU/Linux

We get it, a lot of the software on a “Linux” distribution came from GNU. We appreciate it, it is good software, but please stop trying to force this horrible “GNU/Linux” brand name on the community.