How to use a smart card as a random data source in Linux

Problem: You have an application on Linux that needs true random data, but the /dev/random kernel pool is empty causing your program to pause.

What if you could use a smart card device to fill that pool using a bit of C code?

App Engine Server Monitor

App Engine Server Monitor is a small Python application, built for monitoring web servers for my own projects and for clients, which provides notification of downtime through a variety of methods. I’m open sourcing the code so that others can make use of it.

As you may have noticed, each post on this site has social media icons allowing visitors to share something they find valuable with others, be it on Twitter, Facebook, or social bookmarking and news sites. If you want to add these icons to your own Thematic child theme, or any wordpress template, it is quite easy. Here’s how.

Google Voice push notifications for iPhone

While Google Voice is not truly even a “beta” yet, developers have already written native iPhone apps to interface with the service, and users are already finding ways to make it more useful. Push notifications are absent from all of the iPhone apps so far, but there are solutions available.

Full system encryption for Linux

It is now possible to encrypt an entire Linux system, including root, the boot partition, and even the kernel itself. I’ll detail how it works, and what it means for users of future Linux distributions.

Unbreakable upgrades, ZFS and Apt

A common problem in the IT world, upgrades sometimes break things. However by combining some excellent tools together the problem can be solved entirely.

Dual boot encryption

A tutorial on dual booting an encrypted Windows XP or Vista system alongside an encrypted Ubuntu system